About Wander Adventure Co.

We created Wander Adventure Co. because we want to share what western Canada has to offer.  Born and raised in Alberta, we’re fortunate to have the Rocky Mountains in our own backyard.  The vibrant people and places of the west are something we’re genuinely excited to share with our friends, and the world.

Our perfect day with you, our guests, is having a great cup of coffee on our way to the mountains where we’ll share the stoke and the trails with you.  Afterwards, whether its on the yoga mat, at a brewery, or at a farm to table dinner, we’ll keep the smiles and the laughs going.  Whether it’s your first time on the bike in years, or whether you’re a seasoned rider looking for a rich experience and a great escape, we’re here to create the perfect retreat for you.

–  The Wander Adventure Crew

The Founders

Shirley BlundellPartner
I’m a born and raised Calgarian with a love for the outdoors and the mountains. My love of sport, the outdoors, and travel is what led me down the road that got me started with Wander Adventure Co. Before that I was part of a global marketing and communications team for Shell’s Aviation division where I gained a love for bringing special events to life for some of the world’s most demanding clientele. It’s fun and exciting work and bringing that travellers and adventurers in Alberta is something that I can look forward to every day.
When I’m not planning your next retreat, you can find me kicking it on the soccer field or in West Bragg doing a hot lap!
Raf LopezPartner
After ten years I left a job working full time in Calgary’s Oil & Gas sector in 2015. At the time I was probably the only person voluntarily leaving a the industry but I did it because there were two things was more passionate about, travel and active living. Maybe it was serendipity, maybe it was fate, but the decision to leave that big corporate world was made when I was taking part in a retreat not unlike the ones that we’re hosting here with Wander.
Wander is a way for me to share the stoke, and help people to break free from the ordinary and leap into the the extraordinary.
Ted HincksPartner
With a B.Eng in Environmental Engineering and an MBA from Queen’s University, I never thought I’d be lucky enough to end up spending my days in adventure tourism. But the mountains are a second home to me, and getting out into wide open spaces where you’re the only one for miles and miles can provide a special experience. And having skied and biked all over western Canada and the United States I know that there’s something amazing out there that a lot of people haven’t found yet.
That’s why I’m here with Wander Adventure Co, and thats why I’m looking forward to having you join us there.


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