The invention of Wander Adventure Co. 

Wander Adventure Co. started as an idea to introduce people to road and mountain biking in places that they’d never seen before.  It went through an evolution over weeks and months, and over coffees and beers.  Eventually we had an epiphany that caused us to ask ourselves, why would we start our business by taking people away from western Canada when there’s so much natural beauty right here?

So Wander Adventure Co., was reborn as something special, and something uniquely Canadian.  Our intention became focused on introducing individuals from at home, and abroad, to everything that western Canada has to offer.  That means, the people, the places, and the trails.  And our tool of choice for bringing guests into the great outdoors became the mountain bike.

Riding can be intimidating.  There are barriers to entry like having a bike, and then knowing where and how to ride it.  We want to change that and create what we like to call “mountain biking for the people”.  Anyone who wants to experience the beauty of remote a mountain trail, or a serene alpine lake, or the feeling of being the only ones for miles and miles, is welcome to join us.  We rely on our own experiences, and the experience of local guides, businesses, and trail alliances that we work with, to make your time with Wander something amazing.

We use the terms “elevated mountain retreats” and “adventure retreats” here at Wander quite frequently.  Thats because we want our guests to know that their time with us isn’t just about getting on a bike and riding.  It’s about having coffee made the way you like it before you set out for the morning, locally sourced food and treats ready for you during and after your ride, loosening up with a mountainside yoga practice after your ride, mountain activities like stand up paddleboarding or cave exploring to satisfy your longing for adventure, and unique culinary experiences to replenish your energy at the end of the day.

We have some big plans with Wander Adventure Co. and we’re looking forward to you joining us.